Mission Sync is led by Louis Tucker, a national security leader with extensive experience in special operations, intelligence and policy. 

  • Accomplished Navy SEAL and CIA operator
  • Senior advisor to Flag Officers, Senators and Ambassadors
  • Final staff authority as a former staff director over the Intelligence Community's annual $50B+ National Intelligence Program
  • Former co-producer of national security law and global thinker, with extensive, international travel to oversee America's national security operations
  • George Washington University Counterterrorism Intelligence Task Force Member
  • Dartmouth College graduate; Masters degree in Strategic Intelligence
  • Active Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information clearance, with a background in sensitive programs

Louis spent years developing an understanding of how government leaders think, what they need, and what they respond to. A sought after speaker on special operations, intelligence and congressional oversight, Louis’ passion is to aide government leaders on mission solutions and to educate new companies with innovative solutions on working in the federal market to better serve the nation. Mission Sync will only work for those that offer value-added solutions to national security challenges, ensuring a win-win for both the government and private business.

Focus Areas:
IT Tools and Infrastructure
Sensitive Support
IC/SOF Research and Development
Special Operations
National Security Policy


Extensive background in operations, program management and technology integration.

  • Accomplished Air Force Space Operations Officer
  • Expertise in Special/Compartmentalized Access Programs (SAP/CAP)
  • Former government Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR)
  • Government Chief Information Officer (CIO) certification
  • Bachelor’s in Political Science and Economics;
    Masters in Information Systems
  • Current Air Force Reservist with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
  • Active Top Secret/SCI clearance with CI Scope Polygraph

Gene has a unique understanding of how to evaluate, acquire, test and integrate technology. He has 12 years of government and military service in support of the warfighter, first responder, intelligence analyst and national decision maker. He has managed Space and Ground programs, led Launch teams, commanded Top Secret satellite constellations, stood up multi-million dollar operations centers and briefed National Leaders on the use of cutting edge technologies in support of national security.

Focus Areas:
Emerging Technology
IC and DoD Space
Special Access activities
Collaborative Operations
Virtual Integration


Mission Sync utilizes a broad network of partners with deep expertise to satisfy clients’ needs.
Mission Sync will only work for companies that offer value-added solutions to national security challenges,
ensuring a win-win for both the government and private business.