Strategic Engagement
Mission Sync’s primary vertical is Strategic Engagement. CEOs of innovative firms want to create enterprise value for their companies; to do so they need to understand the federal landscape, its priorities and processes, and how command decisions and policy developments will affect their business. Business leaders need credible answers to their key questions in order to implement short-term solutions and to formulate long-term strategy.

Mission Sync provides deep perspective on the inner-workings of federal power structures and provides new options for businesses based on alternative analysis for top-level management.

• Tailored enterprise value enhancement
• Critical insight into federal atmospherics
  and customer climate
• Personalized “key leader engagement”
  strategy for senior executives

Alternative Options: Mission Sync takes a close look at a company and provides an unbiased evaluation for CEOs and VPs of their business’ federal strategy and operations, resulting in validation or realignment of a company’s approach to federal business.

Market Research
Businesses, just like the government, have critical questions that need to be answered. Clients turn to Mission Sync to field some of the toughest ones, like where to spend their IRAD dollars and who to partner with for success in the community.


*Capture Strategy
Mission Sync equips companies that have promising national security solutions with the tools to be heard and understood by the right people.

Many businesses do not know who to approach with their national security solutions, when and how to approach those officials, and how to develop compelling narratives for their value propositions. They need help finding opportunities and understanding the atmospherics and environment in their business area.

Mission Sync increases capture potential through tailored, capture strategy assistance, assisting clients in determining how to engage with their customer sets, deciphering their priorities, and deciding how to communicate their capabilities in terms that will grab the attention of decision makers and program managers.

Just as important, Mission Sync saves clients time and money from pursuing false areas for engagement. There are many ‘false targets’ in the government, where there may be a need but insufficient priority or support for funding to invest in a capability to meet that need. Companies frequently waste man-years of time and effort chasing after these ‘false leads’. Mission Sync helps its clients hone in on where its capabilities will be most welcome – avoiding the false targets and distractions along the way.

"The Congress" SeminarThe Congress
Born from high demand within the Executive Branch and from businesses seeking to better understand how to secure Congressional interest in a time of declining budgets, "The Congress" Seminar is available upon request.

*Caveat: Mission Sync does not lobby, nor does it take actions that would require it to register as a lobbyist.