Executive Guidance*
Mission Sync’s primary vertical is Executive Guidance. Government leaders want to better understand how to work effectively within the federal enterprise, and CEOs of innovative companies want to create enterprise value and understand how government priorities and policy developments affect business. They need credible answers to their key questions in order to formulate long-term value solutions. Similarly, government leaders need to know how to find efficiencies in a time of decreasing resources. Mission Sync selectively works with companies it knows has quality solutions for the government, educating them on how best to add value. Mission Sync also assists government leaders in finding solutions within its own ranks and syncing solutions for mission value.

Alternative Options: Mission Sync takes a close look at an operation, a department or a company and provides an unbiased evaluation for leaders of their strategy and operations, resulting in validation or realignment of their current approach.

Innovation often fails to make it into the public sector due to a company’s failure to understand the government mentality and phraseology, the necessary on-ramps into the federal budget cycle, as well as the importance of relationships in the process. Mission Sync steers companies clear of common pitfalls while educating them on how to approach the federal market.


Enterprise Enhancement
Mission Sync looks to equip companies that have promising national security solutions with the tools to be heard and understood by the right people.

Many businesses do not know where to begin, how to gain a hearing for their innovative solution, or how to develop compelling narratives for their value propositions. They need help understanding the opportunities the government presents, and they need assistance to understand the context of them.

Mission Sync increases business potential through tailored mentorship that prevents companies from wasting valuable time and resources misreading government requirements.

Policy Assistance
Mission Sync has the breadth of experience at high levels of government in both the military and civilian sectors to offer insightful and critical review and assistance in policy development both at the department and inter-agency level. Due to the vital need for sound national policies, Mission Sync offers this service upon request.

"The Congress" SeminarThe Congress
Born from high demand within the Executive Branch and from businesses seeking to better understand how to secure Congressional interest in a time of declining budgets, "The Congress" Seminar is available upon request.